Giorgio Armani Privé Haute Joaillerie Ad Campaign 2023

Giorgio Armani

Privé Haute Joaillerie 2023 Ad Campaign

Review of Giorgio Armani Privé Haute Joaillerie 2023 Ad Campaign by Photographer Elizaveta Porodina with model Alyda Grace

Giorgio Armani Privé introduces its Haute Joaillerie with a campaign by photographer Elizaveta Porodina that draws out the timeless drama and allure at the heart of the jewelry collection.

While much of Porodina’s photography makes its immediately recognizable impact through a use of deeply saturated color (an approach she deployed in Armani’s recent holiday campaign), it owes just as much to her brilliant use of high-contrast light and shadow.

This latter sensibility is the defining characteristic of the campaign, as Porodina pulls from the traditional visual language of portrait painting and old cinematic glamor, punctuating the mostly black-and-white images with moments of beguiling sparkle. Makeup artist Patrick Glatthaar also deserves commendation for his looks that almost feel reminiscent of kabuki theater, transforming model Alyda Grace into an opulent muse whom Porodina paints with dramatic swathes of shadow.

The Privé Haute Joaillerie collection is the highest expression of jewelry craftsmanship and luxury from Giorgio Armani, and this stunning campaign is worthy of those creative heights.

Photographer | Elizaveta Porodina
Model | Alyda Grace
Stylist | Mauro Demestria
Hair | Pier Paolo Lai
Makeup | Patrick Glatthaar