Golden Goose collaborates with Cory Juneau for Limited Edition Ball Star Pro Sneaker

Golden Goose collaborates with Cory Juneau for Limited Edition Ball Star Pro Sneaker

Golden Goose introduces a new Ball Star Pro sneaker inspired and co-designed by skater Cory Juneau. The exclusive edition reimagines the brand’s iconic sneaker silhouette under a new technical light, specifically tailored ‘For Skateboarding Use Only’.

Brand Ambassador and long-term member of the Golden Family, American pro skater Cory Juneau is internationally renowned not only for his refined style on the board, but also for the authentic persona he brings to the arena. With an unyielding spirit, Cory embodies skate’s core values—passion, perseverance, and inclusivity. Success after success, Cory’s journey is as much about Olympic medals as it is about pushing boundaries, breaking barriers, and inspiring generations to come.

“In life your hardest competitor is always yourself, but I feel good about it because nobody is gonna be more hard on me than me,” notes the skater. His presence in the world of skateboarding is a reminder that true greatness isn’t confined to the podium, but it’s etched into the very soul of those who dare to never stop dreaming.

Engineered for skateboarding, the limited Ball Star Pro features functional details like a padded collar to ensure a snug fit, as well as diamond-textured rubber supports strategically positioned on the outer side and rear to reduce impact and enhance durability for professional performance. This model features a distinct lived-in effect, visible on the upper in silver metallic leather and the striped cream-colored star. The gray tongue with appliquéd logo and the blue rubber sole with glitter embellishment add the finishing touch.

The Cory Juneau Ball Star Pro is a tangible keepsake from the HAUS of Dreamers event last October that celebrated skate and the essence of Paris.