Golden Goose launches HAUS – Kicking off with HAUS of Dreamers in Venice

On May 18, 2023, in their hometown of Venice, Italy, Golden Goose kicked off their HAUS program, a global cultural platform to unleash creativity and a new home for the brand’s community of dreamers while uniting creatives of multiple disciplines, identities, and backgrounds.

Through an Academy, an Archive, a Library, and an Auditorium, HAUS will teach Dream Makers of the future to pursue their creativity, giving them the tools they need to preserve and nurture the art of craftsmanship, while educating people about the brand’s culture and heritage. Visitors will be able to unleash their creativity and deep dive into the Golden universe. HAUS will also feature a world-class Exhibit Area to showcase artists that are part of the brand’s community, their works, and their artistic soul. 

Each year, Golden Goose brings together a select group of dreamers, unleashing creativity through their communities in key destinations around the globe, and on May 22nd, Golden Goose taps five world-class multifaceted artists from different fields: Fabio Novembre – Italian Architect and Designer, Quannah Chasinghorse – Native American Land Protector and Model, Dr. Woo – Tattoo Artist, Suki Waterhouse – Actress and Singer, and SUNMI – K-pop Artist, for their kickoff HAUS of Dreamers Venice episode. 

Haus of Dreamers is a series of global events starting in Venice and continuing around the world to bring the physical experience of HAUS Marghera out of Venice. Each Dreamer was asked to reinterpret classic Venetian icons into the modern era, crafting unique experiences for the community to take part in — and carry with them long after the evening fades. 

In a world where desire turns into revenue, Golden Goose believes we can evolve this approach by turning creativity into humanity. Creativity, in all its facets, is what defines our dreams. Humanity, in all its facets, is how we turn them into reality”

– Silvio Campara, CEO

The journey will continue in Paris during Fashion Week in October 2023.