Accidental Influencer Spring 2020 Ad Campaign

Gucci’s latest campaign has us seeing double.

A playful take on trends that create uniformity through coveted pieces, the campaign presents the Gucci Tennis 1977 as the sneakers of the season, worn by lookalikes who accidentally run into each other wearing the same pair of shoes. Captured by photographer and artist Max Siedentopf, the new low-top sneaker by Alessandro Michele—inspired by an original retro tennis design from the archives—is spotted on an eclectic cast of characters. As these “Accidental Influencers” wander through an Italian city, going about their daily lives, they encounter their doppelgängers in strange but enchanting moments of reflection.

The exquisite visual elements of the campaign work beautifully with the concepts behind it. As rich patterns and pieces are rhythmically repeated, questions of imitation and ideal echo forth. What does it mean to be original? When does tribute and inspiration become appropriation, or mockery? Through these uncanny encounters, the narrative of social influence and freedom of expression is subverted. Even the small act of making a fashion choice situates one in a dialectic of ideal and actual, inspiration and imitation.

The Gucci creative team again finds the perfect balance of arresting originality and cohesion: the campaign fits perfectly within the visual language Gucci has developed for itself, yet still feels creative and exciting. With its excellent integration of image and idea, this campaign is sure to make one think twice – or three times, or four times…

Gucci Creative Director | Alessandro Michele
Photographer | Max Siedentopf