Gucci Fall 2020 Ad Campaign Film & Photos


Goldie Red 25* Fall 2020 Ad Campaign

Review of Gucci Beauty’s Goldie Red 25* Fall 2020 Ad Campaign by Max Siedentopf

A colorful new campaign from Gucci Beauty proves once again that beauty belongs to everyone. Shot by director Max Siedentopf, the campaign celebrates creative director Alessandro Michele’s favorite shade of lipstick: his signature Goldie Red 25*.

Recalling the red lipstick Michele saw on the lips of self-assured women when he was a child, the shade is inspired by legendary Hollywood character Goldie. The starred 25—which also appears on the label—is a reference to the creative director’s lucky number.

The campaign is composed of three very brief films, which seem geared toward Instagram stories, and a richly colored series of photographs. The films feature catchy jingles inspired by vintage commercials. Goldie Red 25* becomes more than just a shade of lipstick; the bright red spills out into the world and becomes repeated across various objects: a phone, a harmonica, a cup of tea, and even ketchup.

At the same time that they make effective use of vintage-inspired imagery, Gucci continues to defy outdated beauty standards.

The campaign showcases a colorful variety of people and personalities, united by their free love of luscious lips.

Gucci Creative Director | Alessandro Michele
Director | Max Siedentopf

Fashion Writer | The Impression