Gucci and Detroit Vs Everybody Releases a New Collection

Gucci Detroit Fall News

On September 8th, to celebrate the opening of Gucci’s Downtown Detroit boutique and Detroit Month of Design, Gucci continued its pioneering partnership with one of the most diverse and creative cities in the world by launching the second chapter of the collaboration with Detroit designer, Tommey Walker, and his homegrown label, Detroit vs. Everybody. The second iteration returns with custom Detroit vs. Everybody patches featured on Gucci’s Off the Grid collection. The Off the Grid line was created to support the House’s vision for circular production that uses recycled, organic, bio-based, and sustainably sourced materials. The limited-edition collection will include a baseball hat, backpack, and belt bag, all to be sold exclusively at the Detroit store beginning September 8th. Designed for those mindful of their environmental impact, the collection celebrates the connection between Gucci and Walker, supporting Tommey’s vision of increasing representation in the industry through Gucci’s Changemakers’ Impact Fund.

Speaking about the 2.0 collection, Tommey Walker says, “I am even more excited by and proud of my 2.0 collaboration with Gucci as Gucci continues to walk the talk; and now demonstrating its long-term commitment to Detroit as a changemaker in its own right.”

To introduce the second chapter of the collaboration, Gucci partnered once again with a local Detroit production house on a video anthem spotlighting Detroit through the lens of the organic patterns that make up the city’s fabric. Featuring narration by Tommey Walker and a vintage Gucci Cadillac Seville, the Detroit vs. Everybody collaboration is highlighted throughout.

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