Gucci’s High Jewelry Collection Makes Its New York Debut

Gucci’s High Jewelry collection, Hortus Deliciarum, and High Watchmaking collection make their New York debut. The Italian luxury house brings its ‘Garden of Delights’ to watch over Central Park from the heights of the Iconic Steinway Building. In celebration of the collection’s first appearance in the united states, the brand has invited a select group to a private showing to learn more about the collection.

Gucci’s High Jewelry collection draws on the symbolic motifs dear to Alessandro Michele and Gucci, taken from the extensive and diverse canon of the House’s iconography. The display brings to light Michele’s sense of whimsy, strong use of fantastical symbols, and reverence for the past, all of which grace the House today and reaffirm its grandeur. The collection makes spectacular use of functionality, as segments of the jewelry and watches are set to dance about as the wearer moves; in many ways, the collection is alive. It has an undeniable presence and effectively writes a love story of beauty and splendor. It’s an ode to grandeur and couldn’t be described as anything less than magnificent.

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