Spring 2022 Ad Campaign

Review of Hermès Mens Spring 2022 Ad Campaign by Creative Director/Photographer Gordon von Steiner with models Cheikh Dia, Takfarines Bengana

Hermès walks on air with its new Summer 2022 men’s campaign by director/photographer Gordon von Steiner.

The summer-ready collection is characterized by a smart emphasis on flexible functionality and hybridity, blending signature Hermès sophistication with light technical materials and practical possibilities like reversible pieces – all realized in a vibrant color scheme that brightens up beige neutrals with joyful notes of saffron, mint, and sky blue.

The campaign captures this free-floating energy through smart and tricky cinematography and dynamic, rhythmic editing. Hermès’ protagonists stroll along the boardwalks and seaside avenues of a colorful Mediterranean seaside town. Unhindered by gravity, they casually walk up the facades of buildings, perch atop telephone pulls with hands nonchalantly in pockets, or pull off impossibly deep MJ leans.

Smart, snappy editing places the cuts right on the drum beats of the film’s sunny jazz soundtrack, enlivening the mood of breezy possibility.

Matching the collection’s sophisticated yet bright energy, the campaign is focused and fun ode to summer afternoons.


Creative Director | Gordon von Steiner
Photographer | Gordon von Steiner
Models | Cheikh Dia, Takfarines Bengana
Hair | Matt Mulhall
Producer | Kelly Mcgee
Director Of Photography | Nicolai Niermann

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression