Hermès store Denver
Photo | Robert Divers Herrick


Opens New Store in Denver, CO

Hermès recently reopened its store in Denver, Colorado, at a new location within the Cherry Creek Shopping Center. Located on the top floor, the 3,445 square foot space evokes the area’s natural beauty through the use of rugged materials. This reopening of Hermès’ only standalone address in the city represents a significant expansion from its previous incarnation, in terms of both space and collections that will be offered. 

We are thrilled to open our new Denver boutique in this dynamic destination. Hermès continues to anticipate the comfort and convenience of our clients with an environment that befits this beautiful city.

— Robert B. Chavez, President & C.E.O of Hermès U.S.A.

The new and expanded address offers an interpretation of Hermès savoir-faire through beautiful, hand-crafted objects and gives clients access to a broader array of Hermès collections. It also binds the local and natural essence of the city with the Parisian house’s innovative spirit. Raw timber, rugged hillscapes, and stony canyons are part of the local vocabulary, which the Parisian architecture agency RDAI has channeled into multiple elements of the store’s design. 

A principal motif of the store’s façade and interior architecture is Ceppo di Gre, a type of breccia (or conglomerate) that naturally fuses together rocks, minerals and crystals into a delicate stone matrix. Pale grey in color with dense textural complexity, breccia captures and reflects light. 

The interior of the single-story, rectangular space is a streamlined, contemporary evocation of a mountain cabin, where natural materials like lambswool felt and pale oak add warmth and texture. The sixteen métiers are arranged consecutively, each space opening onto the next, with a singular design language for each. The store’s entrance features a drop ceiling in wood, demarcating areas for women’s silk and leather goods. To the left of the entrance are jewelry and watches, whose walls and ceiling are enveloped in bolts of untreated natural lambswool felt held in place by small baguettes of bronze. This is followed by spaces for the home universe, with a new dedicated space for furniture, as well as men’s ready to wear, silk, and shoes. 

To the right of the entrance, roughly mirroring the spatial arrangement of the left, are spaces for fragrance, beauty and fashion jewelry, leading into a salon for women’s ready to wear and shoes. Nestled at the very back is an intimate salon for the equestrian universe enhanced by a small fireplace, also encased in Ceppo di Gre. 

The new Hermès store echoes the richness of Denver’s unique landscape and allows it to interact gently with the whole space. It offers local customers and new visitors an enhanced retail experience, with a harmonious and warm environment. This new architecture celebrates a joyous dialogue between heritage and contemporaneity, giving voice to French craftsmanship through an abundance of collections and exceptional materials. 

Location | Denver, Colorado, USA

Photos | Robert Divers Herrick