Hermès Pony Dance Fall 2023 Ad Campaign


'Pony Dance' Fall 2023 Ad Campaign

PonyDance Flips the Script on the Art of Dressage

Hermès pays tribute to its rich equestrian heritage with ‘PonyDance,’ a whimsical and unconventional campaign. This special initiative comes alive through a captivating dance video, offering a fresh and unexpected take on the “horse girl” persona.

The short film transports us into a realm of equestrian role reversal. Initially, the stable and arena present as a familiar stage for feats of horsemanship. However, as the narrative unfolds, a surprising twist emerges: it is not horses, but humans who elegantly trot into the arena. They perform with equestrian grace to a bespoke electronic soundtrack, while their equine counterparts observe and judge from the stands. This creative approach is reminiscent of the brand’s recent venture— a video titled ‘sharing the stage,’ which portrays the perspectives of both horse and rider during an international show-jumping competition.

Founded in 1837 in the heart of Paris, Hermès initially crafted high-quality saddles and harnesses. While the brand is now celebrated for its exquisite handbags, Hermès remains steadfast in honoring and accentuating its original equestrian legacy. This theme is cleverly developed in the ‘PonyDance’ campaign: boots stand in for hooves, belts and handbags replace bridles, and silk scarves are exchanged for ribbons.

The set design reveals a delightful attention to detail, adding an extra layer of whimsy to this inverted world. One notable touch is the competition trophy, which features a rearing human figure in place of a horse— a playful easter egg. The campaign’s creative direction also skillfully places Hermès’ diverse range of products at the forefront, with stomping boots, flowing scarves, and stylish crossbody bags moving in rhythm with the music, seamlessly woven into the campaign’s overarching narrative.

For a brand that sometimes presents as more conservative, and slightly removed from the high-energy, fast-paced rhythm of contemporary fashion, it is refreshing to see Hermès engaging in such a playful and inventive digital venture. Though the video may initially appear tailored to the TikTok dance era, it masterfully bridges the gap between Hermès’ enduring legacy and the vibrant youth culture of today. The campaign strikes a delicate balance— it feels light-hearted while respectfully nodding to the house’s established codes.

With its delightfully unconventional concept, inventive group choreography, and impeccable production, ‘PonyDance’ stands as a vibrant celebration of a core aspect of Hermès, unveiling a playful facet of the brand that isn’t always in the spotlight.

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