Heron Preston Debuts First Fully 3D Printed Sneaker in Collaboration Zellerfeld

Heron Preston Debuts First Fully 3D Printed Sneaker in Collaboration Zellerfeld

Heron Preston announced the beta launch of his 3D printed sneaker – HERON01 – in collaboration with emerging technology company Zellerfeld. The shoe will debut exclusively via a StockX Campaign for a Cause on October 5, 2021. 

The HERON01 represents a new era of footwear production, by being the first fully 3D printed shoe in the world available to the public. The shoe is made without factories and supply chain, and can also be recycled by Zellerfeld to create material for new shoes.  

Inspired by nature and devoid of traditional construction methods, the HERON01 represents a progressive design approach to footwear and creation. The shoe features printed scales and textures that can be found on the feet of the iconic Heron bird, with sole elements that fuse the impression of a bird claw with advanced footwear design concepts, notably showcased on MR.BAILEY® ‘s Sunday Sketches (who initially helped shape the design direction of the shoe). 

The shoe is designed with low ankle cutouts that serve ease of entry, while a chunky sole and threading elements hold the designer’s signature workwear-related and fashion-forward style. The shoe has no seams, stitching, glue, or other weak points, and is printed using varied internal structures that create new levels of fit, cushioning, and breathability. 

The HERON01 can be printed in standard sizes and can be custom-fitted to any foot using an iPhone for a foot scan. This creates the best fitting shoe possible, at no additional cost or time. The elimination of toxic glues and materials makes the shoe fully recyclable, which Zellerfeld performs in a closed-loop system that turns old shoe material into new shoes. 

Upon seeing an early 3D printed shoe prototype by Zellerfeld in Williamsburg, NY, Heron Preston immediately realized the potential of rethinking footwear. 

3D printing made the design process for the HERON01 a rapid iterative process that is more similar to software design than traditional shoe design. Rapid collaboration and iteration generated evolving concepts beyond the bounds of traditional footwear, with iterative prints created in hours not months.

The initial efforts and exploration of the HERON01 consisted of rapid iterative prints and transatlantic WhatsApp conversations between Heron Preston and Zellerfeld (who did not physically meet during development due to travel restrictions). The collaborators ultimately agreed on exploring design ideas beyond the traditional footwear design language that is often limited and similar due to construction methods.  

“Heron is a truly inspirational designer, and 3D printing will allow visionaries like him to reshape footwear for the better.”  Cornelius Schmitt, CEO, Zellerfeld

The HERON01 will initially be available via StockX Campaign for a Cause, where participants can enter a raffle by making a $10 donation to win. Proceeds will benefit Global March – a charity fighting child labour in supply chains. 

Winners will get exclusive access to Zellerfeld’s Beta Program. With the shoe’s single material method of creation with fully recyclable materials, the program will allow the worn shoes to be traded in, reprinted and updated to a newer version after beta, with all upcoming beta program members entitled to one free update in the future. 

“The HERON01 is just the beginning — with additive manufacturing, the potential is unlimited. I was able to design & print functional and evolving prototypes in hours  — with traditional manufacturing, this would have taken months. I can’t wait to print more shoes and updates.”Heron Preston, Artist, Designer & Creative Director 

The collaboration between Heron Preston and Zellerfeld represents a collision of explorative technology, design and fashion. Providing a new perspective on how footwear can be designed, developed and printed through the lens of collaboration and innovation. 

The HERON01 is available October 5, 2021 on www.stockx.com in addition to a limited release planned on zellerfeld.com for beta testers where the shoes will made for purchase.