Hyper Texture Fashion Trend for Fall 2024 header images with fashion photos from Ulla Johnson, Burberry, Bottega Veneta & More

Hyper Texture

Fall 2024 Fashion Trend

Three-dimensional, sensual, irresistible: textural overload was trending on the runways of Fall 2024. It can be easy to think of how a fabric or garment looks and feels as two distinct categories and modes of design thought, but this season saw many designers synthesize these two aspects, creating looks that were visually textural as fabric treatments and construction details leapt off the body, moving with the wearer and almost demanding to be felt.

As it’s a fall season, many of the ways that this indulgently tactile trend expressed itself were through knits – as with Alexander McQueen’s audaciously oversized roll-neck sweaters or Stella McCartney’s playful use of ultra-chunky yarn – or voluminous faux furs, which were just all over the place.

Elsewhere, tassels, feathers, and fringe were frequent sights, and the latter was often rendered in shimmering metallic materials to maximize movement, as exemplified by Mugler and Valentino.

While some aspects of this trend align with the trend of comfort that we also saw this season, much of the character of hyper texture is about going beyond the body, creating complex interactions that expand and evolve the silhouette and boldly announce one’s presence. The trend may also reflect a development past the idea of designing for the Instagram feed – while many of the looks that fall into this category look great on screen, they also need to be seen – and touched – to be believed.