Isabel Marant

'Pens & Brushes' Spring 2020 Digital Campaign

Isabel Marant recently introduced ‘Pens & Brushes’, a Spring 2020 digital campaign that takes inspiration from pages of a colouring book. Featuring imagery based on photography by Juergen Teller of model Rebecca Leigh Longendyke, the brand invites Instagram followers to colour and repost with the hashtag #IsabelMarantfromhome.

The digital campaign cleverly repurposes existing assets, by illustrating photos from the brand’s recent ads and leveraging them as a way to engage with customers through social media platforms. Research shows that colouring has the ability to relax the fear center of the brain, and induce a state similar to meditation. The idea of helping Isabel Marant fans to reduce their restless thoughts while simultaneously creating free content for the brand in the form of hand-coloured advertisements sounds like a win-win situation. So break out your art supplies, and put your mind at rest by colouring Rebecca Leigh and her eleganza ensembles today.