Jacquemus and Selfridges Join Forces for “Le Bleu” Pop-up

Jacquemus & Selfridges Le Bleu Pop-up 2022 photo

Jacquemus creates Surrealist Interpretation of his own Bathroom for Selfridges Pop-Up

At London department store Selfridges, French fashion designer Simon Jacquemus unveiled a series of surrealist pop-up installations titled Le Bleu, including a luxury bag vending machine and a swimming pool changing room.

The installation may be found throughout the store, including in the store’s innovative retail space, The Corner Shop, and the Old Selfridges Hotel. This previous hotel space is now a pop-up event space.

The interior of The Corner Shop, which serves as the installation’s main retail space, is covered in pale blue tiles. In its glass, a large transparent container of toothpaste drips ribbons of red and white gel.

A large bathtub, sponges, shower facilities, and sinks were also constructed in the space, which serves as showcase places for unique Jacquemus items and pieces from the brand’s Spring Summer 2022 collection.

After seeing a tablet fizzing in a glass of water, the designer was inspired to construct one of the installations, an enormous glass. Shoppers may purchase exclusive variants of the brand’s Chiquito and Bambino bags 24 hours a day from a life-size vending machine.
A square room is lined with five-by-five rows of bags and accessories displayed in gigantic, deep blue-hued vending machines through a wide circular doorway.

A curved welcoming desk stands in front of a tile-covered wall with a collection of rolled-up towels. The back of the area is lined with blue lockers and changing cubicles, which offer “3D experiences” based on the imagery of French surrealist filmmaker Jacques Tati.

The three temporary installations will be open from May 3 until June 4, 2022.
The exhibit is the most recent in a series of vending machine pop-ups organized by Jacquemus across Europe’s fashion capitals, including Milan and Paris.

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