Jil Sander Lands in New York with A Soho Morphing Pop-Up

Greene Street space is a surprising monochrome designed to completely change color to display different Jil Sander collections of women and men’s clothing, bags, shoes, and jewelry.

A shop, a window, an exhibition space that floats, glows and shows, it will debut with the Fall/Winter 2021 collection, and then it will periodically morph into an entirely different backdrop.

The first is a suffusion of sunshine yellow, for floors, chairs, and cabinets, whose details and edging echo the hand-craft – the sense of touch, that flows through Lucie and Luke Meier’s Jil Sander creations. The solid color unifies the interior, offset by the stark white plaster of the rough-spackled walls. The alternating round and boxy geometries of display cases, and the chairs’ linear accents, mark the space. 
Balancing opposites.

Fresh flowers fill the windows with an ode to nature, a recurring theme, one of the main inspirations, in Lucie and Luke Meier’s work.

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