Jil Sander launches Summer Project Capsule Collection

Jil Sander Launches Summer Capsule Collection

Launches summer capsule Collection

Lucie and Luke Meier, creative directors of Jil Sander, have been inspired by summer. Their experiences of summer have been so powerful that they’ve created the Jil Sander+ Summer Project capsule collection, made in the spirit of summertime. Lucie and Luke Meier thought about their lives outside of the city—a weekend in the countryside and in nature. There is a shift in experience and in attitude, and of course, in wardrobe as well. The campaign for capsule collection was lensed by Larissa Hofmann with model Lou Lampros. The shots are both romantic and nostalgic. They have the essence of a never ending summer, but also of a summer that ended a long time ago. Can something be missed before it is gone? 

The Jil Sander+ Summer Project will be available in selected Jil Sander stores and retailers worldwide starting from July 8th, 2019.

Creative Director | Lucie and Luke Meier
Photographer | Larissa Hofmann
Model | Lou Lampros