Jil Sander Publishes Olivier Kervern’s ‘Sicily’ book

The role of brands as content creators continues to evolve as the house of Jil Sander publishes a collection of photographs by long-time contributor Olivier Kervern.

The book, officially published by Jil Sander Publishing in May 2020, is a collection of images captured on a road trip around the Italian island of Sicily in October 2019 with Creative Directors Lucie and Luke Meier. The images later were showcased for the first time at Jil Sander Via Sant’Andrea space in Milan in February 2020.

The images featured in the volume display Jil Sander Women and Men collections with the sharp and yet sensitive approach that characterizes Kervern’s work, and reveal the distinctly analog realm jointly imagined by the Meiers and Kervern — where shadows, reflections, and lights both outline and blend, where time feels suspended, and intimacy with the place, with the people, and with the collection all merge into otherworldly images.

Sicily by Olivier Kervern is available now at jilsander.com and selected Jil Sander stores.