Review of Khaite

Fall 2022

Review of Khaite Fall 2022 Fashion Show

As Cool As Khaite

By Anna Ross

So much of fashion these days is a media concoction. Take one part acid bright, mix it with an oversized print, add a statement accessory and ‘bam’ – there you have it – a viral moment sure to explode all over your socials. Khaite is one of those brands that doesn’t need to dance the dance. Khaite is that elusive friend of yours who isn’t on Instagram; they’re not posting their morning coffee or their recent trip to the suburbs. When you catch up with Khaite, you don’t feel like you already secretly know what they’re relaying to you; their life is exciting – mysterious. They’re one of a kind. They’re different. 

This afternoon, I found myself craving to be part of the Khaite crew, leather-laden, slicked-back hair and an abundance of attitude. It was simple, clean, and achingly cool.

As a child of the 90’s, I found myself resonating with the clinical-ness of each look; the leather jacket – oversized just so; the wide leg denim, because the skinny wasn’t invented yet; the 10 denier tights – if they rip, they’ll look even better. Every piece was entirely famothable in your past, present and future wardrobe. It was accessible stylistically while remaining elevated enough to be just out of reach – prices start upwards of $700. For your average 90’s millenial, you can’t sit with Khaite, let alone afford it. 

The brand’s pulled-together appeal has become somewhat of a darling on the fashion scene, propelled to fame by their innovative take on everyday ‘feminine’ dressing. All it took was Katie Holmes hailing a cab in their chic bra-cardi knit combo to cement their statues as an ‘it’ brand. Today they retain the cool factor, and their clever take on commercial pieces will undoubtedly be pinned to a thousand mood boards of willing copycats after a slice of the pie. But is that a good thing? 

At large, these pieces – although drool-worthy – did on occasion feel a touch too safe. As much as I would have cut off my right leg for a piece of the action, maybe I could save said leg with a trip to the vintage store, a bottle of hair gel, a resting bitch face and a red lip. Although, come to think of it, that’s kind of my specialty. 

Where Khaite excelled (and I craved for more of) was their experimentation with texture, embellishment and drape.

 Take a chiffon boob-tube, its layers resembling that of an oyster shell, or an exquisite cobweb-like knitted dress intercepted with bold jewel embellishments. Shirting came shirred in delicate rows, exposing a slither of midriff, balanced with that eponymous 90’s midi cut skirt. There was a simplistic beauty in a series of fishtail-style dresses, some in sequin, others in black silk. A mesh-like pattern glistened in silver, like a matrix mermaid, luring you into the party. That’s what took this collection from ho-hum to hi-ho. I was left wanting more while wanting everything simultaneously.

Much like most cool kids, Khaite has whet my appetite while remaining cold-as-ice.