Kiko News 2024 Spring

Kiko Kostadinov Unveils First Flagship Store in Tokyo

Kiko Kostadinov makes a grand entrance into Tokyo’s bustling Shibuya District with the inauguration of its first permanent store, marking a significant milestone for the brand renowned for its forward-thinking designs since its inception in 2016. The store’s innovative retail concept, inspired by Tokyo’s vibrant energy and melding minimalism with artistic influences, promises an immersive experience like no other. Designed by Yusuke Seki and his team, “The Salon” serves as an open canvas for creative evolution, while the second component invites artists like Ryan Trecartin to challenge traditional retail norms with immersive installations that blur the lines between art and fashion. Trecartin’s upcoming installation, “Draft Settings,” offers a glimpse into the artistic process, paving the way for a transformative retail environment set to redefine the shopping experience come Summer 2024.

Offering an eclectic mix of clothing, handbags, accessories, and footwear collections for both men and women, Kiko Kostadinov’s Tokyo store promises to be a haven for fashion enthusiasts seeking curated pieces and unparalleled artistic encounters.

Tokyo’s Shibuya District