Loewe Paula’s Ibiza 2024 Fashion Ad Campaign


Paula’s Ibiza Summer 2024 Ad Campaign

Review of Loewe ‘Paula’s Ibiza’ Summer 2024 Ad Campaign by Creative Director Jonathan Anderson and Photographer Gray Sorrenti with models Alison Oliver, Kevin Abstract, Taeyong, Yebba, Young Miko, and 070 Shake

Loewe bites into fresh styles for festival season with the campaign for the 2024 edition of its annual Paula’s Ibiza collection. Featuring an eclectic cast of young talent, the imagery was captured by photographer Gray Sorrenti.

The new collection is again inspired by the iconic Paula’s boutique, which became a focal point of subcultural movement in the 1970s and an expression of island life. The new iteration of Loewe Paula’s Ibiza opens the house’s signature craft mastery to playfulness and vibrant energy, resulting in an eclectic and youthfully spirited offering that is primed for summer outings exploring the city, dancing at festivals, or relaxing on vacation.

This sense of youthfulness and artisanality is embodied in the campaign’s creative and global cast: American musician Kevin Abstract, Irish actor Alison Oliver, K-Pop star and NCT member Taeyong, American singer-songwriter Yebba, Puerto Rican rapper and singer Young Miko, and American rapper and singer 070 Shake.

Sorrenti’s portraits draw on Loewe’s favored aesthetic of surreal post-minimalism while injecting summery freshness and a musical spirit through smartly chosen props and set design. Cockatoos perch on the posers’ shoulders, or butterflies alight on their noses. Meanwhile, still-life product shots are given new dimension as bags and accessories sculpturally balance and intertwine with vegetables and tropical fruits.

With an atmospheric and driving soundtrack by DJ and producer Krystal Klear, the accompanying short film pushes the campaign’s dichotomy of intimacy and festival energy. The stars put on records and dance or just relax and snappy editing pushes a eurphoric techno-club chaos in time with the propulsive bass drum.

This latest celebration of the meeting between Loewe and Paula’s Ibiza once again strikes an enticing balance between Loewe’s enigmatic artfulness and sophisticated craft and the legacy of island indulgence represented by Paula’s. As embodied by the unstoppable energy of its cast of next-gen talents, Loewe’s summer is sure to be one to remember.

Loewe Creative Director | Jonathan Anderson
Photographer | Gray Sorrenti
Models | Alison Oliver, Kevin Abstract, Taeyong, Yebba, Young Miko, and 070 Shake
Stylist | Benjamin Bruno
Production | Farago Projects
Set Designer | Philipp Haemmerle
Music | Krystal Klear