Loro Piana Cocooning Collection pop-up store in Beverly Hills

Loro Piana Cocooning Collection Pop-up Store in Beverly Hills

Loro Piana’s Cocooning popup in Beverly Hills opened on October 13th in support of the new Cocooning collection. It includes a selection of pieces that are meant to be used within the household, but also beyond it, ideal for moments dedicated to meditation, relaxation and refuge, that enriches with value and emotion the time spent with oneself.

The store is open through the Fall season and is located on Rodeo Drive. It carries the full collection of lush, baby cashmere sweaters, shorts, pants and socks. Additionally, it carries home items such as cashmere booties/slippers, throw blankets, throw pillows and a hot water bottle.

323 North Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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