Louis Vuitton Capucines Summer 2019 Ad Campaign with Karlie Kloss

Louis Vuitton

Capucines Summer 2019 Ad Campaign

A model’s typical role is to be the backdrop on which various designs are displayed. But in the case of Karlie Kloss modeling for Louis Vuitton’s latest ad campaign, the traditional model behavior is thrown out the window, traded instead for an engaging, lively video in which Kloss’ personality comes across as clear as day.

The video, titled ‘Art of Packing’ is itself a beautifully unique look at a multi-faceted piece. Creative Director Nicolas Ghesquière chose to display the classic handbag designs in a new light, using Kloss’ many sides to reflect the many uses of the bag. As the house’s website explains, “Whether it’s time to be a ‘Boss Lady’ or attend a black-tie event, Karlie Kloss can count on the Capucines to be a ready companion.” Both the edge and the elegance is evident, yet this would not have been possible without Kloss’ one-of-a-kind attitude.

Kloss’ personality is endearing, and with her playful character, she breaks the fourth wall and engages with the audience. The narrative of the ‘hustling boss-lady’ is brought to life in front of our eyes, and the allure of luxury travel radiates from the screen. With this ad, Louis Vuitton has put forward an innovative narrative in the form of a classic campaign, and with it, we get a real look at Karlie’s authenticity.

Louis Vuitton Women’s Creative Director | Nicolas Ghesquière
Talent | Karlie Kloss

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