Louis Vuitton

Launches LVTV, a New Entertainment Platform on YouTube

In the era where brands have to be on 24/7, the wisest of them recognize they are as much media firms as they are product developers. By example, the house of Louis Vuitton today launched the ‘LVTV’ channel on YouTube, a ‘content is an always-on entertainment platform’ with an exclusive 360 view into the rich world of Louis Vuitton.

Recalling TV programs, LVTV will stream different series of content, developing episodes around 5 major categories; savoir-faire, institutional, friends of the house, travel, and campaigns. Programs such as ‘All-Access’ or ‘Ateliers Visites with Loïc Prigent’, ‘Inside the Vault’, ‘Les Voyages’, ‘A Day in the Life of the Capucines’, ‘Getting Ready with’ and more.  

The move confirms once again that brands feel the need to be content creators to engage with their client, often bypassing the traditional media barriers of paid media.The Impression will be tuning in to keep you informed of further develops. Stay tuned!