Magliano Spring 2024 Fashion Ad Campaign


Spring 2024 Ad Campaign

Review of Magliano Spring 2024 Ad Campaign by Creative Director Luca Magliano and Photographer Stacy Kranitz

Magliano celebrates the idiosyncratic characters and overlooked cultures of northern Italy’s small towns with its new Spring 2024 campaign by photographer Stacy Kranitz.

Primarily working in the tradition of documentary photography, Kranitz lives in the Appalachian mountains of eastern Tennessee, and much of her work has been involved with documenting and reporting on the region and the culture and people of this historically rich yet often forgotten part of America.

For the campaign, however, she ventures to the northern coast of Italy in the Emilia-Romagna region, capturing offbeat portraits of the eccentric individuals who populate its isolated towns. She lenses fishermen, old dancers, queer club kids without a community. They inhabit forgotten clubs, overgrown backyards, sparsely utilitarian sleeping quarters. There’s a haunting aspect to some of the images, a strange reminder that life still exists and grows in its strange way within these places that are far from the typical remit of fashion imagery.

It’s an idiosyncratic and unexpected approach that works perfectly for the young brand’s darkly disheveled remixes of vintage menswear classics. This is clever clothing for individuals and outsiders, and the campaign’s poetic exploration of the elusive characters who occupy the night lands where the Po river valley gives way to the Adriatic sea provides a hidden story where this vision comes to life.

Magliano Creative Director | Luca Magliano
Photographer | Stacy Kranitz
Location | Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression