Magliano x U-Power continue their Collaboration for SS24

Magliano Teams Up with U-Power for Spring 2024 Work Shoe Collection

New Collaboration Brings Fashion to the Forefront of Workwear

Magliano and U-Power are joining forces once again for the Spring 2024 season, continuing their collaborative effort following a successful launch last fall. This season, the Italian fashion house and the workwear brand are expanding their offerings with new versions of U-Power’s work shoes, including the Scandy, Fit, and Latitude models.

Luca Magliano, hailing from Bologna, brings his unique design perspective to the collaboration, incorporating elements of practicality and a distinct storytelling approach. U-Power, known for its innovation in workwear, contributes high-performance technology to the shoes, ensuring comfort and durability for the wearer.

The collaboration between Magliano and U-Power merges fashion with functional workwear, offering a fresh look at Italian work shoe design. The Spring 2024 collection highlights three shoe models, each benefiting from the combined expertise of Magliano’s design and U-Power’s technological advancements.

The campaign for the collection is crafted by the set designers Daughter of Lama, known for their impactful and meaningful work. They have created a monumental sculpture that symbolizes the dignity of labor and the beauty of hard work, encapsulating the essence of the collaboration. This artistic endeavor aims to elevate the everyday experience of workers, presenting them as heroes of the modern age.

Through this collaboration, Magliano and U-Power explore the intersection of workwear and fashion, presenting a collection that celebrates the worker with a blend of practicality and romanticism. This approach not only enhances the utility of work shoes but also adds a narrative depth, making a statement about the value and honor in labor.