Spring 2022 Ad Campaign

Review of Mango Spring 2022 Ad Campaign by Photographer Alejandro Sonoro with model Caroline Trentini

by Aidel Townsley

Creative director BLANK partners with photographer Alejandro Sonoro for Mango’s Spring 2022 ad campaign.  Model Caroline Trentini serves Californian extraterrestrial in breathable clothes which bring trending swirls of pastel-neon color into sun-drenched ecstasy. 

Caroline Trentini is eclipsed by the extreme architecture of the lime washed and cavernous poolside getaway. Supported by lines of heaven reaching palm trees and archways as circular as the 70’s mod lounge-seating, an otherworldly and deserted aura enters. Time is warped as past and future collide in funky patterned headed scarves, sky-blue eyeshadow, and halter-neck dresses. Caroline Trentini strikes a most powerful pose at the edge of the round infinity pool, walking on water and on the edge of a fall down to the earth from the azure paradise. 

The ellipse stands as a window, a monstrous eye to gaze upon the capturing glittering and modern palette of 70’s glam relocated to draping modern silhouettes. Bulging glass captures Caroline Trentini, the specimen for her unknown quality, however recognized as connected to ourselves by a shared ability to look, to express, to journey towards unknown territory. This juxtaposition, between the contemporary and the known pushes towards the wearable yet uncomfortable place that fashion strives for. 

Photographer | Alejandro Sonoro
Models | Caroline Trentini 
Stylist | Lucas Asin
Makeup | Paco Garrigues