Marco Bizzarri Launches Nessifashion Investment Firm

Former Gucci CEO Launches Nessifashion

Marco Bizzarri, renowned for his transformative leadership as CEO of Gucci, has inaugurated a new chapter in his career with the creation of Nessifashion. This investment venture is designed to nurture strategic partnerships and foster growth in various business sectors. This strategic move follows his exit from the luxury fashion titan, which is part of the Kering group, in the previous September, as detailed in documents revealed by Reuters.

During his tenure beginning in 2015, Bizzarri was instrumental in catapulting Gucci into a new era of success, significantly marked by his decision to bring Alessandro Michele on board as the brand’s chief designer. This collaboration led to a notable surge in Gucci’s revenue, reaching €9.6 billion ($10 billion) by 2019, just before the global disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nessifashion, headquartered in Rome and officially registered in February, signifies Bizzarri’s ambition to venture beyond conventional investment strategies. His aim is to offer both financial support and strategic counsel to budding enterprises. As the sole administrator of Nessifashion, Bizzarri is set to apply his profound knowledge and connections within the luxury industry to guide the venture toward exploring a multitude of investment opportunities and providing consultancy services.

Through his holding entity, Nessi SRL, Bizzarri introduces an array of resources and strategic alliances to the table, aiming to cement Nessifashion’s role as a pivotal force in the investment domain.

This new venture marks Bizzarri’s continued pursuit of innovation and excellence in the business world. With Nessifashion, he is set to influence the landscape of investment and strategic advisory, fostering entrepreneurial success in Italy and internationally.