Marimekko teams with IKEA for Nordic Sauna Capsule

Marimekko teams with IKEA for Nordic Sauna Capsule

Marimekko and IKEA launch the Bastua collection, which is inspired by Nordic nature, wellness, and self-care rituals. The limited-edition collection consists of 26 products with vibrant prints, ranging from furniture to glassware and textiles. The collection will be available globally starting this March.

The Bastua collaboration journey unites IKEA home furnishing knowledge with Marimekko’s art of printmaking to celebrate the pleasure and joy of self-care rituals. The collection name “Bastua” is a term used to describe sauna in Småland, a region in Southern Sweden where IKEA was founded. Self-care rituals and Nordic sauna were a starting point for the collection, and it is designed to be embraced whether you are enjoying time by the lake over warm summer months or winding down after a long day with your favorite self-care rituals.

Collaborating with Marimekko was a natural choice for IKEA as we are both committed to enabling a better everyday life at home, and with the Bastua collection, it begins with focusing on wellness first. The collaboration encapsulates the sensations of endless summers and the simple and aesthetic beauty of Nordic nature in furniture and accessories for the home.

– Henrik Most, Creative Leader at IKEA

The Bastua collection spotlights the bold and beautiful patterns reflective of nature and the environment of sauna and marks the first time that Marimekko designs a set of prints exclusively for a brand collaboration. Marimekko’s mission is to empower people to be happy as they are and bring joy to their everyday lives through bold prints and colors. One of the focal point prints is inspired by the large, decorative rhubarb leaves that sometimes grow next to sauna buildings in Finland and is displayed on many items including the iconic Frakta bag.

Capturing the essence of Marimekko’s Finnish roots and its connection to the historic origins of sauna culture was a fundamental part of the design journey and the creation of the Bastua prints. Marimekko is committed to bringing joy to the everyday lives of people with its bold prints and designs, and we are excited to see this come true in collaboration with IKEA

– Rebekka Bay, Creative Director at Marimekko

The collection consists of a variety of items ranging from furniture, glassware, and textiles with the vibrant prints. The robes, towels and the first-ever sauna bucket are items one would traditionally use when enjoying a sauna, while the other items are encouraged to be used before or after a sauna ritual whether it’s enjoying a light meal, a cushiony soft seat to feel more grounded, and ways to create a more calm atmosphere such as lighting the Bastua candle which is infused with aromas ranging from elderflower, rhubarb and sweet vanilla.

The Bastua collection also comprises of items inspired by Nordic furniture design. The classic side table complimented with the versatile and coordinated trays and glassware in the collection let you add a spark of Nordic joy to your everyday snacks – wherever you choose to enjoy them. It’s a clever feature as the Bastua tray fits perfectly on top of the side table. The collection also features a bench which is perfect for moments of solitude and is equal parts sturdy and stylish.

Nordic furniture design has always been characterized by clean lines and simple constructions that focus on function. The Bastua side table is my take on this heritage as it is made of birch veneer and with a high edge that keeps things in place.

– Mikael Axelsson, Designer at IKEA