Marine Serre "Heartbeat" Spring 2024 ad campaign photo by Reto Schmid

Marine Serre

'Heartbeat' Spring 2024 Ad Campaign

Review of Marine Serre ‘Heartbeat’ Spring 2024 Ad Campaign by Photographer Reto Schmid with Talent Alassane Diong and Winnie Harlow

Marine Serre explores the layered beauty of everyday life with a new Spring 2024 campaign by photographer Reto Schmidd.

The campaign stars iconic model Winnie Harlow alongside rising French actor Alassane Diong, who also walked in the collection’s runway unveiling. Titled “Heartbeat,” the Spring 2024 show saw Marine Serre push her penchant for creative upcycling to kaleidoscopic new heights, repurposing discarded silk scarves, plastic packaging, yarns, and graphic tees to splice together a new kind of eco-futuristic couture.

The new campaign brings this sense of conscious fantasy and futurism back into the real world, exploring the layered tapestry of connections and places that make up our everyday lives. Dressed in the slick patchwork silhouettes of the collection, Harlow and Diong inhabit curiously banal locations – a grocery store, a barber shop, the back of a cab – yet are seen with a distinct attitude of confidence that seems to suggest they bring their creativity with them everywhere they go.

Marine Serre the brand also cleverly asserts its ownership of these scenes through subtle yet unmissable iconographic moments. The designer’s signature crescent moon monogram appears on a flower bag, on a cutting cape, as upholstery. The visual effect invites us to see the beauty and possibility in these unassuming things, to recognize that the most commonplace of materials still have a lifecycle and play an important role in our lives and world, and can always be transformed into something beautiful.

Marine Serre Creative Director | Marine Serre
Photographer | Reto Schmid
Talent | Alassane Diong and Winnie Harlow
Stylist | Benoit Bethume
Hair | Estelle Hayatou
Makeup | Lindzy
Manicurist | Anais Cordevant