'#MarniOnMe' Fall 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Marni ‘#MarniOnMe’ Fall 2021 Ad Campaign selected by Creative Director Francesco Risso

Marni shares a fun and eclectic – although oddly timed – social media campaign for Fall 2021 featuring contributions by friends and fans from around the world.

The brand invited friends and fans to use the #MarniOnMe hashtag on their Instagram posts to share their Marni looks with the global digital community. Each month, creative director Francesco Risso selects some of his favorites to share via the brand’s own Instagram. It’s exciting to see how the brand resonates with such a wide community, and all the different styling possibilities explored by each personality.

While the campaign is a fun way to leverage social media connections extend the community of the brand (with very little cost to them) the approach feels anachronistic for the present moment. This kind of crowd-sourced, DIY campaign is is what we were consistently seeing a year and a half ago at the beginning of the pandemic, when brands were scrambling to find creative ways to put together campaigns while nobody could get together in person. As other brands are celebrating the return to normalcy with strong narrative campaigns, the timing of this one feels odd.

Nevertheless, the eclectic personalities and unique collage of imagery is very cool. Perhaps it means this form of campaign is sticking around, and that we can expect to see more of this leveraging social media to foster inclusivity and create eclectic communities of individuals. Though curiously timed, it’s not at all a bad look on Marni.

Photography Selected by Marni Creative Director Francesco Risso

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression