Men's Fabrications - Sheer & Satin Spring 2020 Menswear Fashion Trend

Men’s Fabrications – Sheer & Satin

Spring 2020 Menswear Trend

Designers were in either the mood for full transparency or self-reflection this season opting for sheer and satin fabrications.


Sheer has always been sexy. In sheer attire, one can be naked and fully clothed at the same time. It’s a game of tease that has been non-traditional for menswear. Full transparency is a trend that is most prevalent in womenswear, but has made a major statement on this years spring menswear runways. Balmain garbed its men in clear vinyl. Dior garbed its men in organza, exposing many chest parts. Ludovic De Saint Sernin its men in organdy, and almost nothing else. These designers have explored the meaning of full transparency, and have left us in sheer delight. 


Satin was prevalent in the Middle Ages, and derives from silk. Given its luxury, satin is typically used in evening wear, and in bedspreads and upholstery. Satin is sensual and bold, and has found its way onto the runway in a major way. Menswear designers from Dries Van Noten, to Saint Laurent, and Giorgio Armani have showed just how versatile satin can be. In the fabrication, coloring, and styling of the satin, menswear designers have made this Middle Age fabric into a hot runway item. 

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