Milan Top 10 ‘Other’ Fall 2022 Fashion Shows

As Ranked by Kenneth Richard

Best Fall 2022 Fashion. Show Milan

As much as Milan is renowned for its headline acts, the city is bursting with fresh talent, new creative appointments and clever concept innovation.

Relatively new to the label – but not on the block, Glenn Martens and his penchant for sartorial satire, continuing to trail-blaze and re-work labels old and new for the modern gaze. Under Marten’s eye, Diesel affirms a deep understanding of the brand’s bygone cool factor while incorporating it deftly into his own surreal and visionary design language. ‘Jean-ius’, as Mark Wittmer quite rightly titled this stand-out show.

New to Milan’s showdown: Yoon Ahn’s Ambush summoned her know-how in the vocabulary and image-work it takes to build a recognizable and recognizably cool brand, which resulted in peak-media moments that took over socials. Putting the fun – and frenzy- back into fashion, Sunnei, whose eclectic lineup was given a literal test run, models sprinting past the audience showcasing both the performative and literal performance of their brand identity.

So good we’ve included them in both our Top 10 and Other 10, Daniel Del Core, whose third seasonal collection continues to showcase design talent way beyond his years. His couture-like creations demonstrated the power and skill of the craftsmanship base in his atelier. One of Milan’s brightest stars? We think so.

All this beggars the question: Is Milan stealing London’s new-gen crown?

Here are The Impression Top 10 ‘Other’ fashion shows of Fall 2022 season as selected by our Chief Impressionist, Kenneth Richard.

10 – AC9

9 – GCDS

8 – Palm Angles

7 – Calcatrra

6 – Ambush

5 – Diesel

4 – Capasa Milano

3 – Nº.21

2 – Sunnei

1 – Del Core