Miss Dior Avenue Pop-Up Opening Party

Miss Dior Pop-Up Celebrated in LA

Christian Dior Parfums celebrated a limited retail venture in Los Angeles over this weekend: Miss Dior Avenue, a temporary retail pop-up and immersive experience. Located at 8626 Melrose Avenue, the space was open to the public by appointment from March 8 to March 10, 2024. This unique space celebrates the iconic fragrance of the House and the debut of the new Miss Dior Parfum, crafted by Francis Kurkdjian, Dior Perfume Creation Director.

Stepping into Miss Dior Avenue, visitors are transported to a vibrant intersection of the swinging sixties, the allure of Los Angeles, and the eternal youthful spirit of Miss Dior. The avenue boasts a series of boutique installations, each bathed in the signature pink hue synonymous with Miss Dior. These boutiques include La Parfumerie, Miss Dior Cinema, Miss Dior Cafe, and Miss Dior Flower Shop, each offering a distinct facet of the Miss Dior universe.

La Parfumerie invites guests to explore the history of Miss Dior alongside the newly unveiled Miss Dior Parfum. Exclusive product offerings curated for the pop-up are available for purchase, complemented by personalized services and consultations.

Embracing the glamour of vintage movie theaters, the Miss Dior Cinema showcases the spirit of Miss Dior through film, featuring the latest campaign starring Natalie Portman, the enduring face of Miss Dior since 2011.

The Miss Dior Cafe offers a delightful escape from the avenue’s hustle and bustle, serving signature refreshments. Visitors can also send limited-edition postcards bearing messages of love, promoting the #LoveOutLoud movement.

A highlight of the experience awaits at the Miss Dior Flower Shop, where guests embark on a psychedelic journey through an immersive infinity room, paying homage to Christian Dior’s profound love of flowers and his sister Catherine, the inspiration behind the perfume’s name.

Since its inception in 1947, Miss Dior has remained an icon of perfumery, embodying the essence of a youthful generation rediscovering life’s pleasures. The fragrance continues to captivate with its timeless signature, echoing the spirit and desires of its wearer, much like the groundbreaking “Miss Dior” ready-to-wear collection of 1967, which embraced the bold colors of the Sixties revolution.

The immersive pop-up was celebrated with a special event a surprise musical performance by BANKS and with guests including Maggie Rogers, Alexandra Shipp, Lucy Hale, Thomasin McKenzie, Madelaine Petsch, Antonia Gentry, Adam DiMarco, Justice Smith, Felix Mallard, Loreto Peralta, Amelie Zilber, Chase Hudson, Brittany Xavier, Marianna Hewitt, Maddie White, the Pitman Sisters, Deaven Booker, and more.