Miu Miu

'Always New, Always Miu' Spring 2021 Ad campaign

Review of Miu Miu ‘Always New, Always Miu’ Chinese New Year 2021 Ad Campaign with actress Qiu Tan, Yifan Zhang, and models Gu Xue & Yuru Zhan

Miu Miu embraces the spirit of rejuvenation with their latest campaign, appropriately titled ‘Always New, Always Miu.’ The brand is celebrating the Chinese New Year with a positive outlook.

The theme reminds the audience that while much remains uncertain, as 2020 has proven, the only constant is change, as said in the video audio. The transition from the year of the Rat, who is well known for his trickery, seems quite apropos to the more steady Ox.

Miu Miu emphasizes their point with a cast of newcomers. Poised on the brink, actress Qiu Tan, idol Yifan Zhang, models Gu Xue and Yuru Zhang prepare to embark on the next chapter of their lives. The campaign, and perhaps the models look optimistically at 2021; They aim to remind the viewer of hope, novelty, and excitement.

The video’s audio is focused on communication, something many realized they took for granted once quarantine began. The phonecall being made in the background personalizes the experience; many can relate to calling relatives or friends during this past year and genuinely being happy to hear their voice. The theme is mostly carried by the call between two people, where the statement, “I think the only constant is that everything is changing,” is made.

While this is their objective, it’s unclear whether visually the mere presence of new luxury goods on a blank backdrop, a fresh slate, if you will, can fill the void this past year has brought, with optimism. It is also unclear what the campaign has to do with the Chinese new year. 2021 is the Metal Ox year; the last Metal Ox was 1961; perhaps the metallic elements to the campaign and collection are meant to reflect the new year’s symbolism.

The campaign reminds us that there is power and comfort found in celebrating the new. And perhaps it permits some excitement for a fresh start, as it’s certain many are happy to wash their hands of 2020.

Miu Miu Creative Director | Miuccia Prada
Talent | Qiu Tan, Yifan Zhang, Gu Xue & Yuru Zhan

Editorial Director | The Impression