Moneyed Millenials

Spring 2023 Fashion Trend

There are many who attend shows season-after-season that like to peacock for the numerous photographers outside the venues, think bold colour, bringing a friend, and getting creative with a little Comme des Garçons (see street style royalty Michelle Elie for reference, as she recently noted “It’s too much Darling! Or the people are too less!”) as sure-fire ways to get noticed.  But a silent shift towards covetable designs that focus on dressing the woman of today was happening in tandem to the usual fanfare. As seen on the runway designers were growing up (and into their roles at storied houses or as head of their own brands) and pivoting towards timeless silhouettes and quality craftmanship. Lean shapes, nipped waists, expert draping, and layered nonchalance saw editors and they’re like favouring tapered trousers with contoured knits, cashmere and full skirts, relaxed tailoring, and crisp cotton shirts and satin maxis. Some might call it stealth wealth, but this season it looked more accessible than ever.

Fashion Features and News Editor | The Impression
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