Monlcer House of Genius


Moncler House of Genius

Constantly and consistently rewriting the relation and engagement between the brand and the customers by merging offline and online, unity and multiplicity, Moncler Genius keeps pushing boundaries, moving its tactics further towards the retail space and innovating in customer experience.

On November 7th, 2019, Moncler unveiled the Moncler House of Genius: temporary concept stores located in Milan, Paris and Tokyo, set to be open until the end of January 2020. The three cities welcome the pop ups with a series of live events and creative sessions in store starring international headliners.

The stores serve as venues for a variety of functions. Naturally, they act as a retail space containing all Moncler Genius lines for the year together, starting with exclusive pieces to the Moncler House of Genius, then adding the forthcoming collections according to their drop dates. And in an additional collaborative layer of Genius, they serve as interactive spaces for the cities as they come to life as hubs of creativity, learning and cultural exchange.

The Moncler House of Genius falls under the artistic direction of Francesco Ragazzi, who imagined the retail space as a set to open art gallery where artworks are continuously installed and updated. It is a space that is shaped shapelessly, designed to provide an ever changing, immersive experience with unlimited potential. They are spaces to meet thinkers, artists, designers and to connect with Moncler through a unique live program. A schedule of cultural programming in Milan empowers sparks of Genius by cultivating creativity in the local community.

The Moncler House of Genius is fluid, dynamic and evolutive. The space will be endlessly reconfigured, so at each visit customers can explore the brand universe from a new perspective. Shopping turns into a journey of discovery, rewarded with constant surprises that engage, attract, bond. Such an experience is unique and personal, not physically or emotionally possible elsewhere: the shop becomes an experiential destination, curated ad personam. It elicits a rewarding feeling of unrepeatable uniqueness.

Each Moncler House of Genius accommodates a comprehensive overview of the collections, enriched by specially developed products for the city. Special items and limited edition merchandise including apparel and tech accessories come with a dedicated city crest. One of a kind t-shirts designed by the eleven Moncler Geniuses are sold through a vending machine, with a range of canvas bags also available. The offering comprises a host of typically unexpected products selected by the designers.

Moncler Genius strives for invention and innovation. The Moncler House of Genius is an inspiring place where Moncler keeps evolving the idea of branding and retailing, building inclusive situations that push the conversation forward.


Monlcer House of Genius

Address: Moncler House of Genius, Milan Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, 11 20121 Milano


Monlcer House of Genius

Address: Moncler House of Genius, Paris 60 Avenue des Champs-Élysées 75008 Paris


Address: Moncler House of Genius, Tokyo B-Side 5-11-2, Jingumae, Shibuya-Ku 150-0001 Tokyo