Mr Porter And Throwing Fits To Launch Exclusive Co-Designed Capsule Collection

MR PORTER is pleased to announce a one-of-a-kind custom designed collaboration with the New York based podcast, Throwing Fits. Handpicked and co-designed by hosts Mr Lawrence Schlossman and Mr James Harris, MR PORTER will debut a curated selection of product from some of the most exciting established and emerging designers in menswear today. 

Launching July 15th, the collection features 13 brands with over 70 pieces of clothing, shoes and accessories from All Caps Studio, Beams Plus, Connor McKnight, Drakes, Hayato Today, Maiden Name, MF Pen, Monitaly, Norbit by Hiroshi Nozawa, Stoffa, Tory Van Thompson, Wythe New York and Yuketen, alongside an exclusive edit of exclusive Throwing Fits merchandise. 

Each brand has created a unique collection that communicates its brand story and ethos through the lens of Mr Schlossman and Mr Harris. Together, they comprise MR PORTER and Throwing Fits’ nod to the leading and defining voices in menswear. As part of the recent Discover MR PORTER Campaign, meant to double down on MR PORTER’s values of community, inclusivity and style, the Throwing Fits collection encourages established global customers to explore both established and emerging brands.  

“We are thrilled to partner with James and Lawrence and bring their enthusiasm and perspective through Throwing Fits to our global MR PORTER audience. Our shared love for great menswear and its core community has resulted in an authentic curation that allows us to tap into a brand new Throwing Fits audience, whilst providing our customers new brands and products to discover they may have not come across before.” – Mr Daniel Todd, Buying Manager, MR PORTER 

“When we started podcasting over six years ago, we never thought that publicly thumbing our nose at the establishment would eventually lead us to our dream project, collaborating with 13 of our favourite brands from around the world alongside the global retail powerhouse that is MR PORTER. From our favourite established brands to emerging obsessions, we’re ecstatic to partner with MR PORTER on this exclusive capsule collection. Whether we’ve earned this privilege or it’s simply karmic justice for a lifetime spent shopping and thinking more about men’s clothing than anyone else on the planet is up to interpretation. Either way, consider the bucket list checked. Finally garnering the respect of our friends and loved ones is just icing on the cake.” – Mr James Harris and Mr Larry Schlossman, Co-Founders of Throwing Fits 

To celebrate the partnership, MR PORTER will launch an integrated global marketing, social and content campaign featuring Mr Schlossman and Mr Harris and their network of Throwing Fits friends. The campaign will also be pulsed out via the Throwing Fits podcast.  The campaign will culminate in a hero story in The Journal and an event in New York City on July 14th.

Mr James Harris & Mr Larry Schlossman