Mr Porter x Prada - The Making of a Bowling Event

Mr Porter x Prada | The Making of an Event


There are thousands of events which are sent The Impression’s way per month to sadly never make it to the light of day. All because the PR teams focus on communicating ‘who’ rather than ‘what.’ As if ‘who’ made the ‘what’ obsolete. However, every once in a blue moon an event breaks through with innovative thinking to create a holistic story that we are excited to tell. Such is the case in Mr Porter x Prada’s bowling themed launch event that finally embraced the ‘what.’

The event was the crescendo to a campaign that broke with a teaser video announcing the collaboration and its bowling theme. That in turn was followed up with a lookbook of bowlers sporting the collection and a smart film. A solid one-two.

But the event…. come on already! The event was killer, as Mr Porter x Prada took over a bowling alley and proceeded to bowl a perfect score.

The presentation started before the guest even hit the door with straightforward signage and well placed wallscapes to hint at what was to come.

This was followed by a perfectly conceived decor complete with a red branded neon sign, and a plethora of props including custom scorecards, coasters, pins, stickers, matches, bar napkins, embroidered badges, a cocktail menu and more. Add to it a photo booth that allowed guest to obtain their own momento via a digital Polaroid complete with the Mr Porter x Prada logo and a blowing ball icon. And if that wasn’t enough, they even gave away branded bowling trophies.

For us, Mr Porter x Prada’s marketing team deserve the real trophy for ‘Best Conceived and Executed Event of the Season.’ For recognizing that ‘what’ matters, and bowling the perfect game.