Review of MSGM Spring 2024 Men's Fashion Show


Spring 2024 Men's Fashion Show Review

Review of MSGM Spring 2024 Men’s Fashion Show

Off the Beaten Track

By Mark Wittmer

Fueled by the recent travels to Tanzania of creative director Massimo Giorgetti, MSGM’s Spring 2024 collection draws inspiration from the moment of waking up at sunrise in a new landscape – and also charts the brand’s journey into a more mature and refined offering.

Titled “Sogno Off Road,” the collection blended refined tailoring with technical references, organic textures, and a sunrise palette to make Spring 2024 one of MSGM’s strongest seasons yet.

The move into a more mature and considered perspective was signaled by the first two models who walked through the smoke-filled concrete space, who were older than MSGM’s typical casting choices (that about match the age of the Italian youth who don its logo-emblazoned casual streetwear), as much as by the sensibly tailored – though uniquely textured – looks they wore.

While a few full suits appeared, they were further present in piecemeal form, with billowy and belted suit pants mingling with pieces that draw on practicality of military and outdoor wear on top, or vice versa.

The collection’s title conjures a communing between man, machine, and the natural world, and the collection embodies this adventurous mindset in its unique blend of the organic and the technical. Leather and denim is sandblasted for a down-and-dirty effect; bleach splatters echo cowhide; technical fabrics are executed in earthy neutrals or vivid sunset color blocks.

While the familiar blocky all-caps MSGM logo appears, it does so much more sparingly, and it is accompanied by a reimagined version that stitches out Giorgetti’s own scrawling hand. It’s a fitting personal touch to seal off a collection that, while still embracing the radical comfort and accessibility of streetwear, sees the brand begin to embark on an exciting new journey towards a more considered take on men’s dressing.