Neiman Marcus Honors Brunello Cucinelli, Amina Muaddi, and Jonathan Anderson during Paris Fashion Week

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Neiman Marcus honors Brunello Cucinelli, Amina Muaddi, and Jonathan Anderson for Their Innovation and Impact on Fashion During Paris Fashion Week

NMG celebrated the Neiman Marcus Awards honoring Brunello Cucinelli, Jonathan Anderson, and Amina Muaddi with an intimate dinner and awards celebration on March 5th at La Suite Girafe. Hosted by Neiman Marcus Group CEO Geoffroy van Raemdonck, this annual event brought together past and current award recipients, brand partners, top customers, and industry notables to close out the Fall/Winter 2023 season of Paris Fashion Week. 

Guests such as Ashley Park and Paul Forman (Emily in Paris), Lori Harvey, Michele Lamy, Olivia Palermo, Rick Owens, Sabrina Elba, Tina Kunakey, and more were entertained by DJ Didi Han and treated to a surprise musical performance by critically acclaimed artist, Noah Cyrus. Special guest Rosita Missoni celebrated the 50th anniversary of receiving the Neiman Marcus Award. 

In 1938, Stanley Marcus and Carrie Marcus Neiman instituted the Neiman Marcus Award, amplifying emerging designers from Europe and America that later became icons. Since its inception, it has honored more than 150 luminaries, including Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, Karl Lagerfeld, and Baccarat. 

Today, the Neiman Marcus Awards is reimagining ways to recognize visionaries in the field of fashion, honoring those who Revolutionize Luxury Experiences. 

Brunello Cucinelli received the Neiman Marcus Award for Distinguished Service in the Field of Fashion, Jonathan Anderson, Creative Director of LOEWE, received the Neiman Marcus Award for Creative Impact in the Field of Fashion, and accessories designer Amina Muaddi received the Neiman Marcus Award for Innovation in the Field of Fashion. 

A nod to the iconic recognitions of Stanley Marcus, who believed in celebrating multiple individuals in a year and often selected tastemakers at the forefront of their careers, these honorees prove to be dynamic forces in their own right. As part of the Awards platform, they gain access to the full strength of the Neiman Marcus merchandising and brand marketing magic. In turn, these recipients will bring their unique brand expression to life through extraordinary, immersive experiences across all facets of the integrated retailer’s approach through exclusive activations for Neiman Marcus customers. 

Photo | Joe Schildhorn/

Photo | Sansho Scott/

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