Neiman Marcus 'Quest for the Best' Spring 2024 Ad Campaign

Neiman Marcus

'Quest for the Best' Spring 2024 Ad Campaign

Review of Neiman Marcus ‘Quest for the Best’ Spring 2024 Ad Campaign by Creative Director of Agency X with Photographer Y with models Brooke Raboutou, Kelly Oubre Jr., Victor Montalvo, Charlotte Jones, and Athing Mu

Neiman Marcus leans into the Olympics excitement, combining fashion expression with the inspiring spirit of some of today’s sports leaders in its new Spring 2024 campaign by photographer Arnaud Lajeunie.

The campaigns stars include Ralph Lauren Olympic brand ambassador and top rock climber Brooke Raboutou, NBA point guard Kelly Oubre Jr., Olympic breakdancer Victor Montalvo, Dallas Cowboys’ Executive Vice President and Chief Brand Officer Charlotte Jones, and record-setting runner Athing Mu.

Lajeunie captures these protagonists in energetic portraits that deconstruct familiar sports motifs into minimal yet vibrant set design. These backdrops provide an energetic setting that both works and impactfully juxtaposes with the styling’s picks of some of the season’s strongest luxury looks.

The imagery will be activated through a digitally led 360-degree marketing approach, Quest for the Best including an array of multimedia, window displays, and the new issue of the retailer’s iconic “The Book.”

Fashion and sports have an intertwined history, and we are seeing that intersection peak today with athletes becoming the newest style stars in pop culture. Quest for the Best brings this intersection to customers across all of our retail touchpoints and activates through multi-tier events in stores. The campaign showcases this season’s Achievers who represent a broad range of modern sports stars, celebrating American excellence and serving as an inspiration to our customers.”

– Nabil Aliffi, Chief Brand Officer, Neiman Marcus.

As the Summer Olympics approach in the fashion capital of Paris, we’ve seen more brands explore ways to lean into the event’s hype and celebrate the intersection of fashion and athleticism in all its forms. Retailers are in a unique position when it comes to their campaigns in that they have many brands and styles to represent while also needing to set their own brand apart. This campaign successfully balances both of these aspects, building on the revamped visual language Neiman Marcus has established for itself over the past year while forming an uplifting and expressive celebration of some of today’s most exciting sports leaders.

Photographer | Arnaud Lajeunie
Models | Brooke Raboutou, Kelly Oubre Jr., Victor Montalvo, Charlotte Jones, and Athing Mu
Stylist | Katie Burnett

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression