Nodaleto Spring 2023 ad campaign photo


Spring 2023 Ad Campaign

Review of Nodaleto Spring 2023 Ad Campaign by Creative Director Olivier Leone and Photographer Hugo Comte with Model Daphne Groeneveld 

Nodaleto flips the formula for the beach day campaign on its head with its new campaign for Spring 2023 by photographer Hugo Comte and creative director Olivier Leone.

Model Daphne Groenveld wears the brand’s signature chunky heels to the beach – but rather than swimming, Comte’s compositions find her in unexpected moments of tension and irony. Sitting in the sand, she flips on a flatscreen TV. Totally dry, she carries a plastic bag filled with water and two goldfish. Wearing silver shoes, she appears like a giantess as she bends over to stomp on a silver model car, with the brand’s logo appropriately and playfully flipped.

Striking and humorous, the visual jokes of the campaign are fun, slick, and immediately impactful: all things that also describe Nodaleto’s ethos and vision.

Nodaleto Creative Director | Julia Toledano
Creative Director | Olivier Leone
Photographer | Hugo Comte
Model | Daphne Groeneveld 
Stylist | Esther Matilla
Hair | Akihisa Yamaguchi
Makeup | Georgi Sandev
Production | 360PM