OAMC Fall 2022 Ad Campaign


Fall 2022 Ad Campaign

OAMC Fall 2022 Ad Campaign by Creative Director Luke Meier with Photographer Thibaut Grevet and Environments by A.F. Webb

Nature is trying very hard to make us succeed, but nature does not depend on us. We are not the only experiment.

– R. Buckminster Fuller

The OAMC Fall 2022 campaign explores the relationship between manmade and natural. Photographer Thibaut Grevet captured the fall collection in front of large-scale photographic prints of a cloudy landscape, lichen organisms that have grown on a raw cotton surface, and a surreal flower scenery, in combination with a color palette reflecting the natural world. The collection began as a study of nature: there is an aesthetic appreciation, and yet the demonstration of aesthetic in nature is always tied to function.

“Nature through the human eye. What surrounds us and how it permeates our decision making and aesthetic. The magnitude of nature is always somewhere in the collective consciousness, and now, perhaps, more than ever. Nature should be cherished, so this season OAMC is partnering with several charities to help improve our planet. As the real root source of our materials and our sustenance, it’s extremely important.” – OAMC

Fabrics are custom developed. Compat felted tailoring wools, spongy double-faced wool with a hammered texture, fluid viscose, quilted printed velvet, strong raw cotton gabardine, garment-dyed recycled nylon sergé and crisp cotton poplin, angular workwear recycled polyester. Soft nappa leather is padded and delicate, and curly shearlings add an inflated feeling to accessories. Boots and shoes are strong-soled, with soft leather uppers and few construction lines: pure, strong forms anchored by OAMC’s contrast outsole clip.

OAMC Creative Director | Luke Meier
Creative Director | Jorge Balarezo Studio
Photographer | Thibaut Grevet
Environments | A.F. Webb
Models | Jean-Luc Joseph
Makeup Artist | Flavie Terracol
Casting | Troy Fearn

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