Spring 2023 Ad Campaign

Review of Off-White Spring 2023 Ad Campaign by Creative Director of Off-White Ibrahim Kamara with Photographer Thibaut Grevet

Off-White gets black and blue (in a good way) for its Spring 2023 campaign. The campaign features creative direction from the brand’s leading man, Ibrahim Kamara, with photography by Thibaut Grevet.

Grevet’s portraits are bold and straightforward, situating his models before a crisp and simple white backdrop. This approach allows the graphic and dynamic character of the collection to come to the fore: double-breasted coats make use of surface embroidery to create the feel of a work in progress while symbolizing the power of the body; patchwork pieces further suggest the idea of building up. Silhouettes are angular and immediate, while across all the imagery the brand’s signature blue makes a big impact.

A set of three accompanying videos – focusing on eyewear, heels, and ready-to-wear – swaps the white backdrop for an inky black space, using slick editing to multiply and flip the characters as they move powerfully through this place of infinite possibility.

Off-White Creative Director | Ibrahim Kamara
Photographer | Thibaut Grevet
Movement Director | Nicolas Huchard
Stylist | Ibrahim Kamara
Hair | Jawara
Makeup | Ammy Drammeh
Manicurist | Julie Villanova
Casting Director | Mischa Notcutt
Set Designer | Ibby Njoya