Off White Design News 2024

Off-White™ Unveils “BE RIGHT BACK” Sneaker Promoting Wellness

New Footwear Line Encourages Holistic Wellbeing

Off-White™ has launched the “BE RIGHT BACK” (BRB) sneaker, designed to inspire individuals to embrace life’s “grey areas” and focus on personal wellness. The BRB sneaker aims to help wearers tune out distractions and commit to self-improvement, encouraging them to return to their routines revitalized and ready to become their best selves. “The ‘BRB’ sneaker is here for all of it.”

Building on the success of the 2020 “OUT OF OFFICE” sneaker by Off-White™ founder Virgil Abloh, the BRB sneaker promotes tapping into one’s true potential. Reflective of the brand’s irreverent DNA, it challenges conventional wellness ideas. “BE WELL” suggests that holistic wellbeing can be achieved through both relaxation and activity, asserting that a night out dancing can be as beneficial as a meditation session. It’s about doing what feels right for you.

The BRB sneaker draws inspiration from ’90s performance running shoes, combining mesh and rubberized leather with Off-White™’s iconic design elements like Bookish typography, a zip tie, and a dynamic new take on the signature Arrow. Available in 11 colorways, with four limited-edition versions inspired by debut locations in New York, Miami, Milan, and Paris, the collection encourages self-expression.

Off-White™ celebrates the BRB launch with a series of “RETREAT” events, starting in New York on May 22nd. These events invite guests to enjoy a curated wellness experience across three themed spaces: “THE CLEANSE” (a spa-like environment), the social “RECESS ROOM,” and the rave-inspired “THE WORKOUT.” Following New York, events will be held in Miami, Milan, and Paris. The limited-edition New York colorway will be available from May 22nd in-store and online, with additional city-specific releases and a global launch of all 11 colorways in September.