Pitti Uomo Cancels February Physical Show

Despite Their Best Efforts, Pitti Uomo Will Have To Go Digital

The in-person event by Pitti Uomo that was scheduled to take place from Feb. 21 to 23 at the Fortezza da Basso location has now been officially canceled, and the Pitti Filati and Pitti Bimbo events displaying textiles and children’s wear have suffered the same fate. Each of these planned in-person spectacles will now be digital events hosted on the Pitti Connect platform.

The decision to go digital is at the behest of a government order issued on Friday which prolonged the suspension of physical trade shows in Italy to early march. By prohibiting this sort of gathering the Italian government hopes to contain the pandemic.

In the last weeks, the probabilities to host the shows physically were clearly reducing but we decided to keep the door open to that option until the official confirmation of the suspension because we shared the strong desire of our exhibitors and buyers in wanting to meet each other in-person, even with all the doubts.

– Raffaello Napoleone, Chief Executive of Pitti Immagine Srl

In these turbulent times, brands have been working hard to decide what choices are best; some are constantly pushing to see how many in-person events they can manage, and others are diving head-first into the digital world. Pitti Immagine is among the brands that have strived for the normal, in-person experience.

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