Prada Host ‘Shaping Water’ Talk Series In New York

In collaboration with Fondazione Prada, Prada Possible Conversations is a talk series held at Prada Epicenter stores. Prada Possible Conversations reflect the plurality and layered meaning of the Prada universe, echoing a belief in fashion’s inherent dialectical nature – the push and pull of inspiration from the realms of art and architecture, music, cinema, and more. The speakers explore culture, fashion, and life through conversations between people, but also between places, mindsets, and values.

Patricia Marroquin Norby and Kate Orff, our speakers for this iteration, discussed the importance of water in shaping our world. Patricia Marroquin Norby is the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s associate curator of Native American Art. Her current exhibition, ‘Water Memories,’ looks at the importance of water to indigenous peoples and Nations in the United States. Kate Orff is the Founding Principal of SCAPE and a landscape architect. She is interested in retooling landscape architecture practice in response to the uncertainty of climate change and in creating spaces that foster social life.