Ray-Ban 2024 Icons Ad Campaign


2024 Icons Ad Campaign

Review of Ray-Ban “Icons” Spring 2024 Ad Campaign by Photographer Lucrezia Ganazzoli with models Valentin Caron, Peng Chang, Martina H., Adamu

Eyes on the prize: the newest campaign from Ray-Ban is a powerful reassertion of the brand’s iconic place at the forefront of eyewear style. The campaign was lensed by photographer Lucrezia Ganazzoli.

Ganazzoli’s direct black-and-white portraits see their diverse cast of subjects meeting the camera’s gaze with a defiant and utterly self-assured sense of confident cool. As it’s an eyewear campaign, it’s especially fitting that each character’s eyes seem loaded with meaning, taking on even more power as framed by their chosen eyewear styles.

Though we just see necks and shoulders, the styling also goes a long way to create a sense of character. Familiar pieces that are emblematic of subcultural archetypes, like leather jackets, denim shirts, and turtle necks, further push the brand’s tie-in with iconic American music scenes – a motif that is carried across the videos’ twangy western soundtrack.

Direct, cool, and confident, the campaign is an immediately recognizable summation of Ray-Ban’s timeless influence.

Photographer | Lucrezia Ganazzoli
Models | Valentin Caron, Peng Chang, Martina H., Adamu
Stylist | Sissy Vian
Hair | Pier Paolo Lai
Makeup | Giovanna Fucciolo
Casting Director | Barbara Nicoli & Leila Ananna

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression