Paris Street Style SPRING 2022

Review of Rokh

Spring 2022 Fashion Show

Review of Rokh Spring 2022 Fashion Show

Jackie Oh!

By Dao Tran

With his skillful tailoring and fresh perspective, Rok Hwang is one to watch. 

In our postmodern world of sampling and remixing, Rok Hwang uses the principle of pattern recognition to distill the core components of a garment and then transmogrifies it into another animal, which nevertheless feels right, only better. This collection revolves around the practical utility jacket and the formal evening gown. 

The show was set in the gorgeous Petit Palais. The styling with the hair and gloves and what would normally be rather prim matching sets and evening wear was reminiscent of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, but 21st century young and sexy and edgy – in other words, for those who might not have even heard of Jackie O. Talk about reinventing the trench coat – Rokh has Burberry beat. 

Rokh explains his design process as follows: “Before we mix anything, we reduce a garment to its core structure, decoding all of its functionalities, then transfer those codes and details on to another garment’s shape and form. Our is a trans mutative way of cutting. We work to evolve the piece and embed the memory of one garment within another.”

Look how fun suit dressing can be! 

Just waiting for somebody to get married in this.

Yet Rokh’s deconstruction is not too wonky, but rather reconstructed in a clean, tight, wearable tailoring. It’s not too cool for art school, more subtly subversive in a smart way. More importantly, you can integrate them into your everyday life.

When we spoke after the show, Hwang emphasized, “There is lots of details, so I hope you look into the collection in detail, there are lots of interesting and edgy details that have been retransformed.”

This is absolutely true and a shame for anybody who didn’t see the collection live, because the devil is in the details, and clothing is a holistic experience.

Thank goodness shows have returned irl, because like art, fashion is ultimately something that has an aura and speaks to you in person.