Saint Laurent Rive Droite Debuts Exhibition by Lin Zhipeng aka No.223

Saint Laurent Rive Droite photo by Lin Zhipeng (Aka No.223)

Anthony Vaccarello invites Beijing photographer Lin Zhipeng aka No.223 for a unique exhibition in the Saint Laurent Rive Droite stores in Paris and Los Angeles.

Named “No.223” after the police character in Wong Kar-Wai’s Chungking Express, Lin Zhipeng also embraces the Hong Kong director’s poetic and dreamy atmosphere as well as the solitude and mystery of many of his characters.

No.223 offers his perspective on an alternative spirit and youth culture in an often conservative Chinese cultural context. His spontaneous photographs depict a young generation indulging in love and life, oscillating between jubilation and deep melancholy, playful sexuality and often the simple human need to be loved in an otherwise indifferent and ever-changing society. Lin Zhipeng, aka No.223, delves into his intimate memories of loved ones across China, Tibet, Southeast Asia, Japan and Europe.

In the exhibition we find the works Skin in the Orange, 2018; A Fish Wish, 2019; Red Symbol, 2019; Water Ghosts, 2016. A selection of the artworks will be available for sale. To mark the occasion a new fanzine will be available in stores.